Step 1: Write Something

So, I’ve been doing “comedy” for a few years now. I may as well start a blog, right? Doing comedy? Like, a comedian type person you are thinking? Ya, sorta like that, i guess. I don’t know. At what point can someone call themselves a comedian. It’s not like I’m a good comedian or anything. Well, I do okay, but, I wouldn’t exactly call my self a professional and I really can’t say I make a single penny from it. I don’t. In fact, I seem to be losing money at it. Okay, well, definitely not making money, put it that way. Can I be funny? Sure. I guess. I try. Gawd knows I try. Or do I? Well. Yes. Am I rambling? Yes. I suppose I am. I do that sometimes.

Here’s the thing. I write jokes, mostly one liners, then I get on stage, forget half of them, then bumble around for a while figuring out what the heck I’m supposed to do. Sometimes it actually works, too! I’ve had some good sets that I am happy about. I’ve had some that can be best described as a train wreck. I do like writing though. Oh, yes. I write all the time. Usually it’s rants on Facebook or twitter about news stories. They tend to be rather trolly and negative. So, I thought, maybe it’s time to start a funny blog that can showcase a more humourous side to me. Eh? Good thing, right? Ya, that’s what I thought to.

So, this is post one in the quest to create a brand spanking new comedy blog to go along with my stalled comedy career, and my unproductive and unprofitable “freelance” writing “career”. Ya, I do a lot of writing actually. None of it makes me a cent. I’m a perpetual volunteer. Why not start a whole new writing project that won’t gain me a cent? Sure! Heck, why not! Note, if anyone out there wishes to pay me for any writing activities I do, I will be very grateful to you.

If you like this post and feel that this might actually go somewhere interesting, then keep on following me! If, like me, your optimism about this project isn’t high, looking at this potentially as yet another of those blogs that are began with good intentions, only to die a slow death, until one day, it just ends for no specific reason, with a last post that offers no clues. Did he die? Did his fingers get chopped off in a combining accident? What happened!? Why no more posts??? Who knows what will happen! Okay, yes, my self promotion skills aren’t being shown off here. That’s fine. I understand. Hey, we can’t all be Gene Simmons.


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