Climate Change?

Across the world today, thousands upon thousands of people marched to say, “Hey, climate change is real, dammit!” And I completely agree with them. It is plain and obvious that the climate is changing and there is no doubt in my mind that it is the result of human activity.

So, how did I spend the day? I watched NASCAR races on TV and then went to a car show and shine tonight. Face it, I’m going to hell. Not that I didn’t know that anyway.

I must apologize to my kids in advance for doing my part to destroy the planet with my hobbies. But, I just can’t help it. I love racing. I love cars. I love cars that race. I like races that cars. Wait, no, that last one was just weird. Scratch that.

I realize the planet is a tad on the fragile side at the moment, and that…..that……..where was I? My eyes are starting to close here. I’m a bit tired. I’ll pick this up tomorrow.


One comment

  1. I’ve seen the effects of global warming where I’m currently living.
    I have to say that if you forget about the Greenland melting and polar bears going extinct, global warming isn’t that bad.
    We had one of the coolest summers in the past years, which translate to little to none use of AC, which at the same time helps reducing the use of non renewable energy and we all know that reduces the greenhouse effect significantly.
    Now, is global warming helping to stop global warming?
    Cool summers and warm winters = less AC and heater.


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