Where was I….

Oh ya, I was talking about climate change. Okay, well, I’m done with that one. That’s a done deal.


CRAP! I had this long post written down. But I seem to do this weird thing with my keyboard where I somehow end up hitting the mousepad, and then it wipes out a big chunk! It just happened again! DAMN YOU TECHNOLOGY!

Between falling asleep mid post and accidentally erasing big chunks of my posts, I’m not getting very far here.

I was talking about the open mic experience and the need to keep getting onto stage on a regular basis for practise and how the longer I am away from the stage, the harder it is to get back on. It was really good stuff. It was hilarious what I wrote! Well, let’s pretend it was hilarious. Anyway, it is gone. Long gone. Damn. So, this post will have to make due.


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