Recent Facebook posts

I made a few Facebook posts recently that I kinda liked. If you aren’t following me on Facebook, allow me to share them with you.

Okay, numero uno (That’s spanish for “Here is the first Facebook post”)

UAE’s first female air force pilot is making headlines. What they aren’t reporting is that she refused to get into the plane until seats from a Ferrari were put in and it was labelled a 5 star flying experience, and that her maid from the Phillipines sat in the backseat doing the heavy work after doing dishes, preparing meals and being berated since 5 in the morning prior to the flight leaving.

Get it? Eh? Heh heh. Well, it’s hilarious if like me you lived in the Gulf region of the Middle East for 3 years.

Okay, numero two-o. (That’s spanish for “Next up!”)

Obama said something to the nature of no god would condone what ISIS are doing. Really, Obama? You are talking about the god who asked a man to kill his son to prove his loyalty to him, a god that wiped out everything on the planet in a flood, a god that destroyed a whole city and turned people into salt. ISIS seems nice and chilled in comparison.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! LOL! LMAO! Oh geez, where do I come up with these things!

And, finally, numero trio (That’s spanish for “This is the last one I could think of posting”)

AC/DC are releasing a new album. Not sure why. All of their albums sound exactly the same. Just rerelease one of the old ones under a new title. No one will notice.

ZING! Oh ya, for those about to rock, we make an hilarious joke about your band! I feel like such a hipster now.



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