Caught Slackin’

Frickin’ heck! I started this new blog with the hopes and dreams of keeping on top of it, and I haven’t been. I’ve been letting it slide as much as any of my other blogs. I can’t remember the last time I update my tumblr thingy. Not even sure why I have that, to be honest. It seems way too young and hip for me. I mean, how many 1 Direction gifs can a guy take! I mean, I think they are hot as much as the next teenage girl, but come ON, after awhile, it’s just time to take a break. I thought I would start this sophisticated WordPress blog. Turns out I have a real problem with commitment, though I beg of you not to tell my wife who I have been with for 12 yrs. To her, I am committed. To keeping up with blogs, not so much.

And with that, I am off to bed….


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