A Few Recent Facebook Posts

I listen to CD’s. I think that makes me a retro hipster. I’m listening to CD’s before others will be back to listening to CD’s to try and be ironically cool.

The King of Saudi Arabia has died. Boy is he going to be in for a surprise when he gets to Paradise and finds that the gates are controlled by non Burka wearing women who drive!

Okay, I thought of a new resolution. This year, I resolve to use more jokes like “Thanks for the mammories” and “Take my wife, please” in my sets!

Going to the Winnipeg Symphony tonight. Plan on starting a moshpit.

Frickin’ heck! Between getting a new Fitbit and a GoPro for my birthday, I am loaded up with great new tech gadgets from all of my wonderful family members. I’m spoiled. Prepare for many upcoming GoPro videos of me doing exciting extreme things like doing the dishes, or doing the laundry, or arguing with people on the internet!

Nickelback is releasing a new album, their 8th, titled “Albums one through seven with a different cover”.


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