Frickin’ Kids And Their Frickin’ Dirty Mouths

I was taking my son to school today and there were some older kids in the playground and one of them used the ol’ F word in a very loud way. So, I told him, “Hey, there are kids around, eh!”, as in, don’t say that. So, the kid got a little mouthy about it and such. So, what I WANTED to say to him was “Look, you little f’in snot nose f’in brat. Stop mother f’in bein’ and f’in little snot nose mother f’in snot nose kid with a snot nosin’ mother f’in snot nose attitude, you f’in mother f’in mofo bastard child. I’ll take that f’in F word and shove it up your mother f’in ass and you’ll never mother f’in say another snot nosed, bratty, bastarly f’in F word ever f’in again. Mofo!” But, fortunately, I didn’t.


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