Separation of Politics and Comedy?

Much of my comedy has been weird one-liners. But, I’m a super political person and I keep wanting to branch out into more political comedy. How is that going, you ask? Not great. I haven’t actually been able to make it work on stage yet. It hasn’t gelled. I have a bit of work to do on that.

I wasn’t sure if I should do political stuff on this blog. My other blogs are almost exclusively political or discussing this or that current or not so current event. I thought I would try and separate the two. But if I am going to actually do political humour, then I guess I can’t really keep the two separate, can I? So, it looks like my posts on this blog are set to be a little heavier than I intended at first. Maybe?

Anyway, how’s that Donald Trump working out for everyone?


One comment

  1. a lot of people arent ready to laugh yet, except at insignificant things like “orange skin” and “tiny hands.” one thing you have to understand about americans is– we can get very puritannical, even in the age of miley cyrus. (who im sort of a fan of, because shes soooo far from puritannical.)

    if you dont believe me, just compare to other english-speaking countries: canada, australia, england, im not going to list them all (singapore. not sure how that works out as an example.) we are one of the most uptight english-speaking countries, and not that great at making fun of ourselves. we can do it when we really want to. heres john cleese on the subject, if youre interested:


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