Going to Mexico City

I’ve been a very lucky dude. I’ve had a lot of opportunity to travel. And, now, for Christmas, my wife got me a trip to Mexico City. And, for some reason, I’m rather scared, which is bizarre. I have never been scared before going anywhere. I’ve roamed the streets of Cairo, Moscow, Berlin, Istanbul, London, Ankara, Plovdiv, St Petersburg, New York City, Minneapolis, Paris, Lyon, Prague and more. Never did I concern myself with the issue of safety. So, why the heck am I nervous about Mexico City? Have I been brainwashed? Why do I think Mexico City is so scary? Surely it can’t be any more worrisome than any of the above cities, right? Especially Cairo or Istanbul? Even areas of Moscow? Yet, I survived. I suppose we hear so much about violence in Mexico, what with the whole drugs thing and all. And Mexico City is one of the largest in the world with a massive gap between the rich and the poor. So, will I be okay? Assuredly so….right? I have nothing to really worry about…do I??


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