What the heck is god anyway?

I still don’t understand what people are talking about when they talk about god. And, in many ways, I’m not exactly convinced they do either. And when I talk about god in this case, I am talking about the god of the Abrahamic faiths.

When people say they believe in god, what exactly are they believing in? Often, they say this god is the creator. Okay, well, what the heck does that mean, exactly? Are they talking about a physical being that builds things…like a construction worker? Or, is this a creator that dreams things into existence? Where did he get his materials from? Is there a stockpile of various bits and pieces that he assembles everything from? How exactly does this work? And why? Why has this entity built the things it has? What is the point of it all? The purpose? Why would an entity build all of this? Was it all just to have beings that can worship him?

Many argue that god is like a watchmaker…that if you look at a watch, it has a creator, and therefore we must as well. That for a watch to work, it has to be perfect, and can only been created by an intelligent, skilled being. So, does this god assemble us, as if we are watches? Are we individually handcrafted? Does this god have hands? Is god an actual physical being? And if so, was god born from someone or something? Where did god come from to start with? How does he create all of this stuff he is credited with making? Beyond saying that god is a creator, there seems to be few answers to explain his involvement in it all.

They say god is love. Well, what the heck does that even mean? Does this love create things? They say god is all around us. Well, what exactly does that mean? Where? In what form? How? Is god some kind of gas? Is he in the air? I just don’t get it.

And then, there are those that seem to argue that this god is watching us at all times. He knows when we are sleeping, knows when we are awake, knows when we’ve been bad or good…and when we die, he gets to decide if we will live for an eternity in heaven or hell. Did god create heaven and hell? What are these things? Are they actual places? Are we going to be actual beings there? Or floating ideas? What will we be? Where will we be? What will we see….other than other dead relatives, apparently?

Many see god as the answer to everything. He is the creator. He has made everything around us. Everything we see is proof of god. But, to me, the god explanation raises far more questions than answers. And no one seems to have these answers. They insist that god made it all, but offer no explanation beyond that. What the heck is this god? No answer. No clarity. Nothing.

Originally posted on my other blog.


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