Who is this Chris Hearn guy?

I’m Chris Hearn. I’m a comedian, a stay at home dad, a traveller and a writer who currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I also spend way too much time on the internet. This is my blog. I intend it to be funny. I hope it will be.

I have a flickr account, because I do a bunch of photographing of a variety of different things and stuff. You might like it. (Chris Hearn’s flickr page)

I also have an instagram thing you might enjoy. (Chris Hearn’s instagram)

Annnnddd, I have a tumblr page dedicate where I feature pics I have taken of Winnipeg comedians (Chris Hearn’s tumblr page of Winnipeg comedians)

Oh, right, I got a YouTube deal too (Chris Hearn’s YouTube deal)



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