Is Richard Spencer Still A White Nationalist?

You know that nazi guy, Richard Spencer. You may remember him from his staring role as “Man who gets punched in side of head” in a YouTube video? Ya, I’m just wondering…did that work? Did he denounce nazism after that? Did he suddenly turn around and go, “Wow, thanks for that! That is just what I needed to convince me that being a nazi is bad!” Did it convert him to some kind of less annoying ideology?

No? It didn’t work? WHAT? I am shocked! You mean, that strategy wasn’t as effective as people are making it out to be?? WHO KNEW!?

I’ve written more seriously about the whole kurfuffel elsewhere, like, on my other more serious, and annoying blog jammed packed with with opinions and rants that no one actually reads. You can read it HERE.


Canada’s proper, big time scandal: Jian Ghomeshi Q’s out.

Well, Canada, congratulations! We’ve got a hot one on our hands. It’s our time to go full on tabloid crazy. We got us a whopper of a scandal what with Jian Ghomeshi being outed as a bit of a radical in the bedroom. And, in the process, it seems he may, or may not have, taken it a tad too far. Oh Jian. For frick sakes, I saw you years ago with Moxy Fruvous and your arms were these little spindly things. How could you possibly…?? Well, okay, that’s besides the point. It’s not looking too good for you Jian. Innocent until proven guilty, though, of course. Innocent, until proven guilty.

Here is today’s Facebook status on the deal…

I guess if there is one thing to be said about Jian Ghomeshi it is that he has given Canadians a real, PROPER, Hollywood style scandal. When was the last time we had one of those? The Littlest Hobo sure as heck didn’t provide us with anything to write home about. And Danger Bay was pretty frickin’ vanilla. The best we can do is Senate scandals with ex-CTV news presenters…at least until NOW!